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Lumber supply Yellawood

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Stop in and pick up the lumber you need or pre-order by calling us today

You'll find most all types of Yellawood lumber ready to go, including:

  • Treated and non-treated lumber
  • Plywood in variety of sizes, including finished and treated
  • Spruce shelving boards
  • Poplar, cedar, and oak boards for most projects
  • Treated 6x6's and other sizes
  • Pole barn building materials

Be sure to pick up all of your hardware while you are here, too, including finishing screws, nails, and tools to get the job done.

Let us delivery it for you

You can manage the jobsite and get to work while we deliver the lumber right to your location. Call our team to arrange from pickup with same-day service sometimes available. Get delivery service on all of your large orders within the area.

Get the lumber you needed ordered and ready to go by calling us today


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